Ghana Youth Leaders Awards is an initiative by Smivic Communications Limited. The Awards scheme recognizes and appreciates young people under the age of 60

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Key Dates

4th February, 2024

Nomination Opens

15th March 2024

Nomination Closes

19th March 2024

Review and Selection of Qualified Nominees

20th March 2024

Voting Starts

23rd May 2024

Voting Ends

25th May 2024

Event Day

Executive Committee

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Categories for Ghana Youth Leaders Awards

Category Category Category Category
1Politics 2Leadership 3Law 4Human Right
5Music 6Sports and Athletics 7Aviation 8Authorship and Creative Design
9Education 10Engineering 11Banking and Finance 12Journalism(Radio, TV and Newspaper)
13Architecture 14Agriculture 15Beauty and Lifestyle 16Event Management
17Community Development 18Energy/Oil and Gas 19Family Business 20Governance and Government Agencies
21Hospitality 22Manufacturing 23NGO/Philanthropy. 24Marketing and Communication
25Printing/Press and Publishing 26Innovation 27Theatre and Arts. 28Telecom and Mobile / Software Development
29Transportation 30Women in STEM 31Health